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As the school bus turned onto the gravel road, eager faces started popping up to see the anticipated sights and sounds of Wildwood Camp! This week we picked up our KidsTLC treatment program and headed outdoors! Campers enjoyed fishing, canoeing, rock climbing, hiking, an adventure challenge course and even dinner one night over an open fire. On their first day, each group had the chance to make their own team flag, complete with team expectations. Peers offered support to one another’s ideas and worked to ensure everybody had a great week. After some team building activities, we strapped on our life jackets and headed for the canoes.  Kids paired up with either a peer or staff, picked up their paddles and with the assistance of Wildwood staff, shoved off from the shore to begin a journey of teamwork, communication and adventure.

As several more canoes entered the water, sounds of laughter, fun and pride filled the camp ground. From about halfway across the pond, you could hear one girl shout “I don’t know if I can do this…”.  Our response back to her, “You’re already doing it!!” Her grin stretched the whole length of the canoe!  Just on the other side of the bridge, other kids were trying their hand at fishing. Some kids saw it as a chance to revisit something they had done in the past with a parent or even a grandparent, others gave it a try for the first time – I think the whole campground heard the excitement when one young man pulled his first fish out of the pond! No matter what activity campers were participating in, each learned a lot about themselves, their ability to overcome challenges and the value of their individual strengths. Another great week of Transforming Lives in the Community!

Wildwood Summer Camp
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