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Not only is KidsTLC becoming internationally known as a DDP provider, but we also utilize a variety of therapies in the treatment of traumatic experiences and mental health. Six of our outstanding therapists recently completed Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EDMR) training to better understand and help children in our care.

EMDR is a therapy approach that focuses on an individual’s present concerns. The EMDR approach believes past emotionally-charged experiences are overly influencing your present emotions, sensations, and thought about yourself. An example of this would be: “Do you feel worthless although you know you are a worthwhile person?”

The EMDR process helps you break through the emotional blocks that are keeping you from living an adaptive, emotionally healthy life.

EMDR uses rapid sets if eye movements to help you update disturbing experiences, much like what occur when we sleep. During sleep, we alternate between regular sleep and REM (rapid eye movement). This sleep pattern helps you process things that are troubling to you.

EMDR replicated this sleep pattern by alternating between sets of eye movements and brief reports about what you are noticing. This alternating process helps you update your memories to a healthier present  perspective.

Using a set of procedures to organize your negative and positive feelings, emotions and thoughts, EDMR then uses bilateral stimulation such as eye movement or alternating tapping as the way to help you efficiently work through those disturbing memories.

A group of trainers and coaches plan to come to KidsTLC to consult with our therapists, help with some cases and move these staff members towards certification.

Watch for more updates as KidsTLC garners more recognition for therapeutic excellence!

Jennifer Pendarvis, Jordan Pener, Kelly English, Rebecca Kline Toy, Molly Graves, Rachel Roszel
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