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Have you been to the Museum at Prairiefire? Definitely worth checking out! Last week this community resource opened its doors to our kids and staff!  For the older kids it was a chance to read about who found the very first T-Rex and how scientists use technology to understand the world around us.  For our younger kids, they had a chance to design their own dinosaur species as well as the hands on opportunity to use microscopes, touch reptiles and see a hedgehog up close. When the kids returned, one little guy said “I got to use this tiny metal brush to find a bone – I think they need a bigger brush to find a T-Rex.” Then he stopped for a moment, turned to a staff member and genuinely asked, “Can we get a hedgehog as a unit pet?” Thinking about all that some of our kids have been through, what a gift it was to step into another world – no judgements, no hurts and all about exploring new possibilities and what the future might hold.

Prehistoric Discovery
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