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As parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, neighbors and friends our job is help kids feel safe when unfamiliar or frightening situations arise.  Staff at KidsTLC fill that role for kids who for many reasons can’t be at home right now… each day we are there to make the unfamiliar and frightening feel safe and maybe even fun.  Last month, the city contacted us about a scheduled power outage to replace a large utility pole and staff kicked into gear!! What do you do when the power goes out? You have a campout!!!  The night of the outage, little ones entered our chapel and were greeted with sleeping bags all laid out with their names, new jammies and fuzzy socks … uncertainty turned to curious smiles.  As everyone got snuggled in, a few drifted off to sleep almost before their heads hit the pillow, others enjoyed popcorn and movie, until slowly but surely all eyes closed.  The next morning as “David” rubbed the sleepy out of his eyes, he announced to all “The campout was a success!”

Power Outage Campout
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