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For our kids, many of them having spent years bouncing between placements and shelters, this is a skill that has not been regularly nurtured. Thanks to our KidsTLC Venturing Crew Leaders, our kids had a chance to practice these skills at our local HyVee. Kids, with the support of staff, were given a budget and instructions to plan a meal for a family of four with the entrée set but sides and dessert left to the chef’s choice. Through the aisles you could hear discussions about condiments, coupons, and culinary aspirations. Some kids remembered family recipes, while others relished at the opportunity to pick their favorites (potato chips and homemade French fries count as two different sides, right?). Kids were scanning the aisles, checking prices, practicing mental and written math, but most importantly developing very important life skills while having fun. As we gathered back together, each group proudly shared their menu and bargain shopping success while supporting their peers ideas & input. What a great experience for our KidsTLC Venturing Crew!

Mother and daughter in produce section
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