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Over the last 100 years, scouting has created many wonderful memories for youth in our world!  This month some of those memories were brought to KidsTLC. For those of you involved in scouting, what is that one event that every parent and cub scout looks forward to?  Putting in long hours making is just right, getting the weight and shape exact, picking the perfect design, all while enjoying some priceless time with adult mentors.  It’s the Pinewood Derby!!  This month Troop 315 scouts and parents shared this memorable experience with our kids.  First, kids had a chance to decorate their very own Pinewood Derby car and soon after came the race.  Scouts and parents arrived early to set up the track, lay out the awards and turn on the popcorn machine. The kids arrived to a room full of the smell of popcorn and an overwhelming feeling of support & encouragement. The kids waited eagerly as the scouts announced each car and “driver” name for the race.  Peers cheered each other on and counted down as the cars were released and the race was on.  Each car as unique as it’s “driver”… even one that needed an extra nudge to make it across the finish line.  Every race heat was eagerly anticipated and continued to fill the room with applause and pride!  At the conclusion, kids received awards for design, creativity, even “Best Use of Stripes”…. all our kids were winners, thanks to the generosity of Troop 315!

Pinewood Derby Fun
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