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“The sun is filled with shining light it blazes far and wide. The moon reflects that sunlight back, but has no light inside. I think I’d rather be the sun that shines so bold and bright than be the moon that only shines with someone else’s light.” – Elise Lorraine

Last weekend a group of talented young performers from high schools throughout the metro area shared an inspirational and entertaining musical performance with KidsTLC. MTYP (Musical Theater for Young People) brought their “Be The Sun” program to our kids! This group has expanded their outreach to include sharing a message of hope and purpose to those in the community.  At “curtain time” the kids entered the gym, quietly took their seats and immediately began to notice all the brightly colored shirts.  Looking around the room, as the performance started, you could see a slow progression of smiles spreading across faces and toes tapping to the beat.  One young girl, with her own love of music and a very traumatic past, turned around and said “they’re really good” – with a smile that stretched ear to ear.   Even the young men in the room, were impressed by the talent of the male singers and powerful choruses involving all 21 singers! Thanks MTYP for sharing your inspiration and talent with KidsTLC!

Musical Theater for Young People
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