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It’s the 3rd Tuesday of the month and all our older kids are gathered in the Chapel to learn about important life skills! Thanks to Sound Stewardship, LLC employee, Joel Reimer, each month our kids have a chance to gain some real life lessons about money, budgeting, credit and financial planning from experts in the community and this month the topic was getting a job!  The conversation started with talking about career goals. Our kids aspire to be everything from a Petsmart employee, to a World Cup athlete, to an architect, and an auto mechanic. As the presentation continued, our speaker shared the story that has gone viral of the young man who went into Target to buy a tie for his interview and received generous assistance, advice and support from store employees.  As you looked around the room, you could see the kids thinking about their goals, their hopes, their dreams and who would be there to support them.

Attentive hands were raised, asking questions and  even those that snuck in a quick snooze awoke to join in the discussion. During the discussion about covering tattoos and piercings, one young man raised his hand and asked about covering scars. Scars will follow our kids wherever they go but safely tucked under a freshly ironed long sleeve dress shirt as they reach out to shake the hand of a future employer is a GREAT step in the right direction. KidsTLC is so grateful to have volunteer groups such a Sounds Stewardship that share their wisdom and resources with our kids and programs!

Money, Money, Money!
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