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How often do we think about the skills required to ENJOY dining out? Or do we just come in, order our food, have a conversation (or play on our phone), pay our bill, and head home? Our kids can struggle with what might seem like basic skills but with a little practice, amazing adult and community support a night out was enjoyed by all.

For a few weeks before the big night, the kids participated in groups around manners, table etiquette, appropriate conversation, and how to use a menu. Meanwhile, D’Bronx Pizza was generously preparing for our arrival. The night of the “family meal” arrived and it was an amazing experience for our kids! Ordering from a specially designed menu just for KidsTLC, each chose their pizza or sandwich selection and while patiently waiting, enjoyed conversation with peers and staff. As the food arrived, conversation slowed and was replaced by smiles of genuine satisfaction and enjoyment. As the evening came to an end, one young man took time to shake hands with the owner and say “thank you”! D’Bronx was a generous and welcoming community partner. They provided the perfect atmosphere for our kids to practice and celebrate all the skills they had been working so hard on.

Owner Don Foringer shared, “Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to work with your amazing kids and staff. Some of my staff even said they wanted to do more [with our kids] given the connection they felt. That’s a win-win!”

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