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Many parents of adolescents today can empathize with the struggles of talking to their kids about their innermost feelings, thoughts, and concerns.  While this phase of development can reveal many normal changes in our kids, finding successful ways to connect to them can present opportunities to support them in healthy decision making.  However, developmental challenges can be further complicated by traumatic experiences or disrupted attachments in early childhood.

Clinical neuroscience has shown that language is not readily accessible to children who are recovering from trauma. Because of these experiences, the Broca’s area, a region of the brain with functions linked to speech production, tends to shut down while other systems are in overdrive. KidsTLC uses non-verbal modalities, such as helping our kids create a graphic novel, to help treat those areas of the brain that have been affected by trauma. This form of therapeutic memory recall can lead to a deeper understanding of the trauma itself and safely shed light onto personal thoughts and emotions in a form of communication that is crucial to the recovery process.

Art Therapy is a crucial part of KidsTLC’s unique model of care that results in high quality outcomes. Click here to learn about additional therapeutic activities KidsTLC uses to help our kids overcome trauma.

Amber Davis, MS, LPC, ATR
Art Therapist

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