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When encountering a life, there is a chance to connect with another piece of the world. With that exchange of power and love in mind, KidsTLC has opened the doors to spaces that put this part of life first. As an individual who has spent most of her life moving from one place to the next, I am in awe. I marvel at the amount of room maintained for people to come as they are. Staff and clients are invited to give the best parts of themselves with each activity and interaction. This is monumental. There is power and healing when we provide room for anyone to be as they are and to grow from where they stand, instead of two steps ahead of their current position. In KidsTLC, lies the opportunity to give someone that space; to lend them some of that power. The empowerment fuels the heartbeat of life and the human’s duty to maintain it.

In my experience thus far, KidsTLC has supported the curiosity of those who are passionate about abiding by a golden standard of life, love and acceptance. My colleagues and I were given the opportunity to be open about the impact of race relations in our nation. We created and have maintained safe spaces for people to share their experiences and their concerns. Even though we do not have answers, we have room. We have the space to exist as we are and stand in the reality of what that feels like. This is important to me. I personally believe that all living things need a space to be as they are since life is experienced moment to moment. It is an honor to be a part of, and witness, the hospitality that has been extended to those affected by and curious about race relations. It sets the tone for a future that validates the experiences of the people writing the story, not just the people reading about it.

Karis Pruitt, KidsTLC Care Coordinator

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