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What did your kids, neighbors or grandkids do on the “no school” days last week?  Our kids buckled into vans and headed out to Rantoul, KS. What’s in Rantoul, you ask?  New Horizons Ranch Equine Therapy Program!  Several times a month and now even on some “no school” days our kids are learning about themselves and each other through the amazing work at the ranch! Like any road trip, we had out-of-tune sing-alongs and the challenge of maintaining a radio station as we got further into the country. Once we arrived, the kids headed for the barn, got their helmets and of course stopped to pet the cats (and new baby kittens).  Some kids had been out to the ranch before and for some it was their first time.  Max spoke up “I’ve never been out here, don’t know what I’m doing and I’m not sure I like horses”. As the afternoon activities began, one group was tasked with learning about the personalities of each horse. At one point we heard Max reassuring the horse “it’s ok I just want to look at you, I won’t hurt you”.  Group members came back together and share what they learned, in turn, learning about themselves and each other.  As the afternoon came to a close, the kids were given grooming tools and just “time” to nurture and love on the gentle giants.  Oh and Max was the last one out of ring!

Equine Therapy at the Ranch
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