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Several local scouting programs were all about KidsTLC this month! Young cub scouts from Liberty View Elementary Pack 3241 delivered a generous donation of hygiene items and handmade valentines. While on campus they learned about the kids that would use the toothbrushes and toothpaste they brought. Several times the question was asked, “Why can’t they live with their mommies and daddies?” That’s a really difficult concept for a young child to understand but what they could understand was the difference their donations would make. When the question came up about what does TLC stand for – one answer would definitely change the direction of our agency… “It stands for Taco Loving Company!”. Although we are a company that does love tacos, we are most thrilled that these young scouts were participating in our mission of Transforming Lives in the Community through their generosity and early involvement in volunteering.

From construction, to set-up, to racing, to clean-up – Aldersgate Church Boy Scout Troop 315 “Rain Gutter Regatta” at KidsTLC was a huge hit! Lots of hot air, patience and commitment equaled a great night for everyone! Boats were carefully placed in the racing troughs, and powered by each racers own breath and definitely fueled by the sportsmanship and encouragement of others around. At the end of the night, kids had a chance to select their final opponent, many chose the scout volunteers who had been helping them throughout the night. Each child left proudly carrying their participant ribbon, a belly full of popcorn and a giant smile!

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