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Bubble Soccer – hove you ever heard of it?  Well, thanks to a generous donor and our own Chaplain “Jamos”, our kiddos got to experience it!  Two giant crates arrived and after a brief staff training, the fun began.  On the first day, the kids entered the gym wide eyed, eager and some a little hesitant. Our kids lined up and with encouragement from staff, crawled in the GIANT inflatable “bubbles”.  After just a few seconds, the first kid fell over and realized he bounced and so did the peers he bumped into!  Teams were divided, the ball was dropped in the middle and the game was on.  Instantly the gym was full of laugher, squeals of delight and cheering from those on the sidelines. Kids were bouncing off the floor, the walls and each other – what an amazing sensory experience! Now, of course, on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th day – kids were in on the surprise and there was no hesitation, lots more laughter, cheers and many kids out of breath from such an incredible physical release.  This activity provided fun “bubbles” of personal space, allowing kids to experience all different sensations – even standing on your head without touching the ground…What a great week at KidsTLC!

BubbleS1 BubbleS2
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