CEO Announcement

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Dr. Erin Dugan Named CEO of KidsTLC January 26, 2018– Olathe, Kansas. In November of 2017, KidsTLC began a formal search process for a new CEO to lead the organization into the future and allow KidsTLC to continue providing nationally recognized services for the most vulnerable children and their families. The process included outreach to… Read more »

KidsTLC Graduation Speech

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Today KidsTLC was thrilled to host a High School graduation ceremony for one of our kids! The gymnasium was full of energy and expectation as a tall young man, with a royal blue robe walked to the front of the room. The radiant smiles from his family were more than contagious. As the ceremony began… Read more »

KC Star Features KidsTLC

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  Click here: The Kansas City Star Article For more information about KidsTLC’s services mentioned in this article, click below. Autism Services Outpatient Behavioral Health Services

KidsTLC Uses Art to Face Trauma

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Many parents of adolescents today can empathize with the struggles of talking to their kids about their innermost feelings, thoughts, and concerns.  While this phase of development can reveal many normal changes in our kids, finding successful ways to connect to them can present opportunities to support them in healthy decision making.  However, developmental challenges… Read more »

KidsTLC Announces New President & CEO

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KidsTLC Announces New President & CEO Gordon Docking succeeds Dr. Robert Drummond after 13 years of leadership OLATHE, KS – April 15, 2014 – The KidsTLC Board of Directors has announced the selection of Gordon Docking as its new President & CEO. He succeeds Dr. Robert Drummond, who is retiring in August after leading the organization… Read more »

OMC-KidsTLC Partnership

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KidsTLC Autism Program is excited to announce our partnership with Olathe Medical Center to add a Speech-Language Pathologist and Occupational Therapist to our multidisciplinary team! The addition of speech, language and occupational therapy allows us to provide a comprehensive treatment model that directly focuses on the core deficit areas for a child with an autism… Read more »

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