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Program Overview

CARES – Caregiving Attitudes Reinforced by Education and Support. Many parents and caregivers of youth admitted to KidsTLC’s Phoenix Services have experienced high levels of stress related to parenting and educating children who have experienced early childhood complex trauma. The CARES program is designed to offer education and support to caregivers and provide networking and support systems through shared peer partnerships.

With support from experienced parent liaisons and KidsTLC professionals, families are given opportunities to seek guidance, discuss personal experiences, share parenting approaches, and benefit from materials presented each week. Caregivers can also privately discuss emotional and behavioral issues related to their children and families within a safe and confidential forum.


Shared leadership — The CARES group belongs to the participants who attend. Caregivers partner with a trained group facilitator and parent leader to define the group goals, model healthy relationships, determine the meeting agenda, and ensure meetings occur on a consistent basis.

Free of charge — Groups are offered as part of KidsTLC’s Phoenix Service Array at no additional cost to participants.

Ongoing support — The group facilitator, parent leader, and other group members are available between group meetings.

Facilitate a sense of trust — Group members are assured of confidentiality in a non-judgmental environment within the limits of the law.

Expand knowledge of community resources — Community resource information that supports healthy family development is available to all group members.

Respect — Participants and group facilitators honor the needs of each other, providing enough time for each participant’s input, respecting cultural traditions and values.

Promote safety — Participants will collaborate to learn and practice non-violent methods for parenting and relating to one another. Violence and coercion at any level is an unacceptable form of problem-solving.

Meeting Info

Online via Zoom. Contact us for more information!

Tuesday 5:30–7:30 p.m.

Parent Facilitators

Dennis Smith
(913) 238-4925 or

Jennifer and Jay Cole
(913) 707-7829 or

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