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During each school day, students are provided quality individualized instruction in the core content areas, as well as physical education and other elective opportunities. Credit recovery is also available for high school age students. The Phoenix Program at Claire Therapeutic Learning Center is the educational day school provided by Olathe Public Schools for all children receiving treatment through KidsTLC residential program. Utilizing Olathe’s full curriculum and unprecedented resources and supports, instruction is provided to all students grades K through 12 following the Olathe Public Schools school year calendar.

The Claire Therapeutic Learning Center staff work in close cooperation with KidsTLC to create a learning environment that is safe, therapeutic, and works in concert with KidsTLC’s mission as well as Olathe Public Schools’ mission to prepare students for their future. Although students are only with us for a relatively short time, it is our goal that each student experiences success, develops a positive outlook about school, and experiences educational growth.

Prior to discharge, we will work and communicate with your student’s receiving school to ensure that their transition is as seamless as possible and that your student will be set up for continued success in their future educational endeavors.

One of our students from the fall semester did perhaps the best job of describing what we do in a letter to one of her teachers:

“The last week of school for me was really cool. We had gotten through so much and I learned a lot of stuff about consumer math! I also learned that I could trust you and that you are very helpful and considerate when I had questions or confused on how to work a problem. I would get frustrated sometimes and you were very patient through it all. I felt like there was nothing I couldn’t do that you couldn’t help me with.”

Our entire staff at the Phoenix school is deeply committed to providing the best educational experience possible for the students of KidsTLC and to provide lifelong learning skills that they can take forward with them into their future.

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