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TLC Charities Foundation, Inc.

A legacy of compassion has characterized KidsTLC, Inc. since it was founded by the Johnson County Young Matrons in 1972. This spirit continues to permeate all of KidsTLC’s programs as it serves children and youth in crisis.

The TLC Legacy Society is a special recognition program formed to honor individuals who develop an estate plan or other deferred gift arrangement that will ultimately benefit KidsTLC, Inc.

TLC Legacy Society members continue a longtime tradition of serving the most vulnerable in our society—our children. Through their foresight, these donors assure KidsTLC’s ability to fulfill its mission in the future by establishing a firm commitment today through TLC Charities Foundation, Inc.


The TLC Legacy Society was formed to accomplish three primary objectives:

  • To recognize donors who have taken important steps toward developing a deferred gift plan for KidsTLC.
  • To increase awareness of the personal benefits of charitable gift planning.
  • To encourage friends to consider a meaningful planned gift that will benefit KidsTLC after he or she no longer needs the resources.


In addition to the personal satisfaction of knowing that you are assisting children and families in need, members of the TLC Legacy Society will receive the following:

  • Recognition of your generosity toward KidsTLC by including your name in the annual roll of TLC Legacy Society members published as part of KidsTLC’s Annual Report.
  • A special memento of the TLC Legacy Society for display in your home or office.
  • An invitation to all special gatherings for KidsTLC Legacy Society members.

Other potential advantages include significant savings on income taxes, reduced estate taxes, avoidance of capital gain tax on appreciated gift assets, and a secure life income for a spouse or other loved one.

Membership Guidelines

Individuals providing written notification to TLC Charities Foundation that they have a deferred gift plan in place benefiting KidsTLC, Inc. will be welcomed as members of the Society.

  • To qualify for membership, deferred gift plans should specify that TLC Charities Foundation, Inc. will receive the funds on behalf of KidsTLC, Inc.
  • A deferred gift provision of any amount qualifies an individual for membership in the Society.
  • Anonymity will be assured if desired. The spouse of a donor may also hold joint membership.
  • Deferred gifts may be unrestricted for the broad benefit of KidsTLC, or designated for any KidsTLC program.

Deferred Gift Options

Through the TLC Legacy Society, you can make a difference for the next generation by remembering TLC Charities Foundation through:

  • Bequests in wills or living trusts;
  • Life income gifts through gift annuities or charitable remainder trusts;
  • Life insurance policy donations;
  • Beneficiary designations of financial accounts, retirement plans, or life insurance policies;
  • Reminder interest in a personal residence of farm; or,
  • Charitable lead trusts.


We invite you to consider making a planned gift to TLC Charities Foundation. Please click here to download the form, print and complete the form below and let us welcome you as a member of the TLC Legacy Society.


TLC Charities Foundation, Inc. was established in 2003 as a supporting organization of KidsTLC, Inc. The Foundation exists solely to support, promote, and advance the purposes of KidsTLC, Inc., a Kansas 501 (c)(3) corporation. As a supporting organization, the primary activities of the Foundation are fundraising, management of funds, and distribution of funds to KidsTLC, Inc. in support of the agency’s ongoing activities.


The mission of TLC Charities Foundation is to support and promote KidsTLC, Inc. and its mission by informing, educating, and counseling individuals and professional advisors about the opportunities and benefits arising from charitable planned giving and managing assets and relationships resulting from planned gifts in a manner that maximizes the benefits both to the agency and donors.

Endowment Fund

The Foundation’s principal activity is building KidsTLC’s Endowment Fund. This fund is invested following carefully considered, conservative investment policy to further KidsTLC’s mission, and to assure the long-term financial security of the agency. The Foundation is governed by a volunteer board of directors comprised of others who passionately support KidsTLC.

Deferred Giving

TLC Charities Foundation, Inc. is acknowledged by KidsTLC, Inc. as the preferred channel for deferred gift commitments, such as those made through bequests, beneficiary designations, or life-income gifts. Those who include KidsTLC in their estate plans become a member of the KidsTLC Legacy Society. Whatever area of KidsTLC you wish to support through deferred giving, it is important that correspondence, legal documents, and distributions use the Foundation’s full legal corporate title: TLC Charities Foundation, Inc.

For more information regarding TLC Legacy Society and Planned Giving, please contact our Development team at 913-764-2887