Caring for and transforming the lives of hurting people includes giving focused attention to their spiritual needs.

KidsTLC’s Chaplain James Amos, known as “Jamos” by everyone here, provides spiritual care by engaging kids where they are on their spiritual journey. Respective of all faith traditions, Chaplain Jamos facilitates the discovery and application of deep values that aid in bringing meaning and understanding to mystery of life.

One on one conversations, chapel services, compassionate service opportunities, seasonal concert events, free Bibles and spiritual/devotional resources and sacraments are all part of our spiritual care efforts. When Chaplain Jamos is personally unable to meet a client’s particular faith needs, he taps other spiritual leaders in the community who may accommodate a campus visit.

Occasionally, guest speakers who have faced troubling circumstances join us to speak words of encouragement and hope into the lives of our youth. Many of these guest speakers are former clients who are successfully pursuing a life of fulfillment and productivity.

Chaplain Jamos also provides spiritual care and counsel for families of clients, as well as KidsTLC employees and their families. He considers it a gift to be able to walk alongside people during their “lowest of lows and highest of highs.”

Two core values fueling Jamos’s service to others:

  • To discover that they are deeply and unconditionally loved
  • To embrace the idea that there is always, always, always hope

Chaplain Jamos can be reached at 913.324.3664 or

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