Caring for and transforming the lives of hurting people includes giving focused attention to their spiritual needs.

KidsTLC’s Chaplain James Amos, known as Jamos by everyone here, accomplishes this by engaging kids who are in crisis on a journey of what he calls “hand holding” and “finger pointing.”

Like a loving adult leading a child through the woods holding one hand for safety and with the other pointing out the wonders of nature, Jamos extends a hand of comfort, guidance and security, while with the other hand pointing towards hope, healing and possibilities.

Kids and teens of all faith traditions have access to spiritual guidance and counseling.

Bible studies, chapel services, “C3” (Cocoa, and Chattin’ with the Chaplain), compassionate service opportunities, free Bibles and spiritual/devotional resources and sacraments are all part of the program. Where our Chaplain is personally unable to meet particular needs, Jamos finds resources from the community.

Occasionally, guest speakers such as Dustin Colquitt (Kansas City Chief’s punter), Michael Joiner (star of the movie The Grace Card), Nathan Stiles family (founders of The Nathan Project and family to fallen high school football player, Nathan) and many others who have faced, overcome and grown through troubling circumstances join us to speak words of encouragement and hope into the lives of our youth.

Jamos often leads groups of KidsTLC kids in an effort to help others who are suffering. He and the kids organized a supply drive for tornado victims in Joplin. It’s been said that human beings can live 40-days without food and 7-days without water, but not a single day without hope.

Jamos has two main goals for the kids he serves:

  • To discover that they are deeply and unconditionally loved
  • And to embrace the idea that there is always, always, always hope