KidsTLC Uses Art to Face Trauma

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Many parents of adolescents today can empathize with the struggles of talking to their kids about their innermost feelings, thoughts, and concerns.  While this phase of development can reveal many normal changes in our kids, finding successful ways to connect to them can present opportunities to support them in healthy decision making.  However, developmental challenges… Read more »

New Year Celebrations

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Happy New Year! Thank you to each of you for your part in helping make KidsTLC’s 2014 Volunteer Program such a success!  We logged over 5,000 generous community hours! As we look back – children in need of love, support and hope enjoyed ALL KINDS of wonderful activities.  Let’s look back at a few highlights! Settling… Read more »

Pinewood Derby Fun

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Over the last 100 years, scouting has created many wonderful memories for youth in our world!  This month some of those memories were brought to KidsTLC. For those of you involved in scouting, what is that one event that every parent and cub scout looks forward to?  Putting in long hours making is just right,… Read more »

A Heart Full of Thanks

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Tis the season to consider all the things we are thankful for!  KidsTLC is thankful for amazing staff, generous community support and dedicated volunteers!  Our kids took some time this week, during a volunteer activity, to think about what they are thankful for.  Volunteers help trace little hands as well as some big ones.  Some… Read more »

Peace Paper Project

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Scraps of fabric, tubs of a weird watery substance, tarps all over the floor and eager kiddos!  The Peace Paper Project is at KidsTLC! Thanks to generous grants and donations, this unique experience is back to share another round of learning, exploration and creativity! Peace Paper Project provides our kids with a chance to explore and… Read more »

KidsTLC Talent Show

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After several weeks of preparation, planning and practicing it was time for the KidsTLC October PaloozaTalent Show!  All the kiddos, staff and many generous volunteers came together to make this an amazing event.  What better perspective than the words of our very own incredible volunteers… “It was soooooo much fun!  The kids had a blast… Read more »

Equine Therapy at the Ranch

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What did your kids, neighbors or grandkids do on the “no school” days last week?  Our kids buckled into vans and headed out to Rantoul, KS. What’s in Rantoul, you ask?  New Horizons Ranch Equine Therapy Program!  Several times a month and now even on some “no school” days our kids are learning about themselves… Read more »

Scientific Exploration

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Do you know how much sugar is in a can of Coca-Cola? Do you know how to do the Walrus stretch? Thanks to Lockton Benefits employees – our kids do! This generous corporate group planned, organized and executed wellness and nutrition groups for our kids on campus. The groups provided both education and physical fitness. … Read more »

Musical Theater for Young People

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“The sun is filled with shining light it blazes far and wide. The moon reflects that sunlight back, but has no light inside. I think I’d rather be the sun that shines so bold and bright than be the moon that only shines with someone else’s light.” – Elise Lorraine Last weekend a group of… Read more »

Your Life is a Canvas

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“Your life is a canvas…make sure you paint yourself a whole lot of colorful days.”  The colors were Cay and Rapture Blue, the tools were brushes and rollers. The painters were Ernst & Young employees and the results were AMAZING!  Last week, KidsTLC was honored to host a group of Ernst & Young Connect Day… Read more »