Wildwood Summer Camp

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As the school bus turned onto the gravel road, eager faces started popping up to see the anticipated sights and sounds of Wildwood Camp! This week we picked up our KidsTLC treatment program and headed outdoors! Campers enjoyed fishing, canoeing, rock climbing, hiking, an adventure challenge course and even dinner one night over an open… Read more »

Olathe Fire Department Fun

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On this hot summer day, KidsTLC’s staff and kids enjoyed a variety of water games led by our very own City of Olathe Fire Department! The fire truck arrived and soon after, small groups of excited kids emerged from the buildings. The parking lot was full of energy and excitement as the kids inched closer to… Read more »

Equine Therapy

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I’d like to introduce you to Little Bay, Big Stack, Mr. T, JJ, Chip, Cheerio and Amber – they are the New Horizons Ranch horses but more importantly they are the ones that will teach our kids about trust! This week 12 kids are headed out of the city and into the country every day… Read more »

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