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“Just when the caterpillar thought “I am incapable of moving,” it became a butterfly.” ― Annette Thomas Everyday our kids face the challenge and reward of transformation! This week, thanks to Johnson County K-State Extension office staff, our kids had the opportunity to learn about another magnificent creature who experiences the powerful effects of transformation.  Over… Read More »

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Many parents of adolescents today can empathize with the struggles of talking to their kids about their innermost feelings, thoughts, and concerns.  While this phase of development can reveal many normal changes in our kids, finding successful ways to connect to them can present opportunities to support them in healthy decision making.  However, developmental challenges… Read More »

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Happy New Year! Thank you to each of you for your part in helping make KidsTLC’s 2014 Volunteer Program such a success!  We logged over 5,000 generous community hours! As we look back – children in need of love, support and hope enjoyed ALL KINDS of wonderful activities.  Let’s look back at a few highlights! Settling… Read More »