Continuing in an abundance of caution and prevention, we have implemented some unprecedented measures to protect the safety of the KidsTLC Community – including you, our invaluable volunteers! Until further notice, we will be canceling all volunteer activities, visits,  opportunities and trainings scheduled on our campus. Our goal is to keep all the children who live with and visit us as healthy as possible. We appreciate your vigilance and understanding.


As we remain strong in keeping the KidsTLC community healthy and continue with not being able to see your wonderful faces on campus, we still feel your support!

If you have extra supplies to share, check out the list on this page of our website. We also want to invite you, your children, family members and friends to help decorate our unit walls. Simple construction paper pieces could include words like HOPE, STRENGTH, LOVE & TRUST; how about some spring flowers (no pipe cleaners or yarn); some sunshine’s, emoji’s, etc. First names are fine, but no additional identifying information on art work, please. We’ve provided instructions at KidsTLC building #1 for no-contact deliveries Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Reach out if you have any questions and we look forward to sharing your love “social distancing style” with our residential clients and dedicated staff members!


Volunteers are our greatest asset at KidsTLC! Without them we would not be able to serve thousands of hurting children and families right here in our own community. We thank you for your interest in our volunteer program and hope you will join us in our mission of hope.

Individuals and groups are needed to participate in a variety of ways to support KidsTLC’s mission. No matter what your interest or area of expertise is, KidsTLC can use your support!

For additional information about any volunteer opportunities, please contact Elizabeth Hall at (913) 324-3801.



“I choose to volunteer at KidsTLC becuase I love children, especially those with special needs. Selfishly, it fills a huge part of my heart and I feel so blessed and rewarded each and every time I leave! Wouldn’t trade the experience for anything!”

— Judy Reece

“We choose to volunteer at KidsTLC becuase there are kids in our community who need our help, love and compassion.”

— Boy Scout Troop 315

“I choose to volunteer at KidsTLC because I love that the child I work with looks forward to spending time with me each week. “His case manager says he gets dressed up every time we hang out, because he is so excited to see me. He has challenged me to be patient and really listen to what other people are wanting to do, how they are feeling, and how their day or week has gone. Overall, I love KidsTLC because they are making a huge positive impact on these kids and I love seeing the kids grow every time I am there.”

— Kaitlyn Orwig

For additional information about any volunteer opportunities, please contact Elizabeth Hall at (913) 324-3801 or ehall@kidstlc.org.


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