Moneytalk teaches kids life lessons

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Budgeting, insurance and job interview preparation – not favorite topics for many adults and certainly not for kids who haven’t had a chance to learn the basics – never mind practice them. KidsTLC has had the privilege of working with Moneytalk since April 2016. Since that time, kids living on our campus have had the… Read more »

Our Everyday Superheroes From UPS

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We don’t typically spend a lot of time in the bathroom with our co-workers, right??  Well if you are the community  minded volunteer group from UPS you sure do!  UPS team members came together with supplies and a passion for our kids!  Thanks to their generosity, the bathroom walls of  our youngest residents’ unit were… Read more »

Thank You Ascension Middle School Students

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As our nation looks toward the future, it is shining bright in the generosity of our youth! This week students from Ascension Middle School shared their time with our kids and campus projects! Thanks to their time and commitment to the community, our basketballs and footballs are fully aired up, we have new games on… Read more »

Shout Out to the Olathe Fire Department

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This week I want to give a shout to the Olathe Fire Department! With all the tragedies and challenges facing those in public service right now, generous and passionate members of the Olathe Fire Department showed our kids the true meaning of public service. Unfortunately, for some of our kids, involvement of police and fire… Read more »

Learning Matters

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How often do we think about the skills required to ENJOY dining out? Or do we just come in, order our food, have a conversation (or play on our phone), pay our bill, and head home? Our kids can struggle with what might seem like basic skills but with a little practice, amazing adult and… Read more »

Planning a Meal

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For our kids, many of them having spent years bouncing between placements and shelters, this is a skill that has not been regularly nurtured. Thanks to our KidsTLC Venturing Crew Leaders, our kids had a chance to practice these skills at our local HyVee. Kids, with the support of staff, were given a budget and… Read more »

Community Visitor Program

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As kids arrive on our campus, they are often eagerly hoping to return to their families – whether foster, adoptive or birth. For some kids, there is no one that they can return to, no one waiting for them. When this happens, in comes KidsTLC’s Community Visitor Program to provide support! This program matches individual… Read more »

Donation from local scouting programs

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Several local scouting programs were all about KidsTLC this month! Young cub scouts from Liberty View Elementary Pack 3241 delivered a generous donation of hygiene items and handmade valentines. While on campus they learned about the kids that would use the toothbrushes and toothpaste they brought. Several times the question was asked, “Why can’t they… Read more »

We wish you and your family a very Happy Holiday Season

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It has been a great year thanks to all of our dedicated volunteers! KidsTLC’s campus was bustling with activity as we partnered with various community organizations, friends, and donors. Together, we were able to provide gifts for every child on our campus and its all becuase of YOU! So far in 2015, we have logged… Read more »

Share the holiday spirit!

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Even the youngest community members took time to share the holiday spirit with KidsTLC this week! Prairie Center Elementary Student Leadership Team and Girls Scout Troop 2053 filled our conference room to learn about KidsTLC and make some decorations to brighten up our cafeteria. As the students and scouts learned about KidsTLC, their questions included… Read more »