Young Advisory Board is comprised of civic minded young professionals, ages 22-35, who serve to provide KidsTLC with valuable support through friend-raising and fundraising. Activities include identifying new donors, promoting special events throughout the year and hosting YAB’s own fundraiser.



The Board Leadership serves as the primary communicators for each committee. They are responsible for effectively communicating with their committee and making sure tasks are successfully carried out.

Team Members:

Katie Adams

Lindsay Bennett

Austin Berke

Ben Bruhn

Sarah Dill

Neal Fogarty

Eric Foss

Kelly Freeman

Colton Fries

Courtney Gebauer

Richard Hield

Kara Knott

Kaileigh Kupchin

Kara Mickeletto

Christina Miller

Lisa Otto

Mark Ravis

Mike Rivera

Nikki Romolo

Todd Smidt

Elise Tunakan

Mary Tunakan

Danee Wallace

Allison Yoakam


Event Planning
Committee members are in charge of the planning and execution of events. The committee will be attentive to keeping event expenses minimal and creative in planning. The event planning committee will work closely with the sponsorship committee to coordinate and secure auction items for the events.

Committee members are responsible for creating effective outreach initiatives to promote YAB events and build database of young professionals. This includes utilizing social media platforms and other marketing tools to communicate details. Ex: Facebook- profile banner photo, event invite, status update, etc.

The sponsorship committee is entirely focused on bringing in event sponsorships, and/ or donated items. This committee is composed of business-minded advocates of KidsTLC who will work to introduce new sponsors to KidsTLC.

Community Development

The community development committee will be in charge of securing solid community connections and networking opportunities for the Young Advisory Board and for KidsTLC. The committee will engage local businesses in an effort to create a relationship that will be a benefit to the agency as well as meet the community outreach goals of the business. They will be focusing on brand awareness while securing future financial donations as well as In-Kind donations from local business and individuals interested in KidsTLC. The committee will also be responsible for securing attendees for KidsTLC events.



In 2015, the Young Advisory Board will still be responsible for carrying out 4 quarterly friend/fundraising events and reach an annual goal of $15,000. These events will serve to introduce young professionals to the organization and work to directly support KidsTLC’s Signature events. Given that the YAB’s long term goal is to grow these young professionals into regular donors and supporters of KidsTLC, the YAB’s primary goal is to increase the presence of Young Professionals at signature events. This goal will be measured through Sponsorships brought in through YAB assistance/relationships, acquiring donated auction items, and # of “young friends” tickets purchased at each signature event


Contact Carissa Heise with any questions, or for more information about KidsTLC!

Carissa Heise
Community Development Specialist